Three most effective types of content for your real estate website

Not long ago relators used to get leads through referrals from former clients, friends and relatives, but now content marketing on the Internet has become a major source for lead generation. Benefits of an effective real estate content marketing campaign are huge.  By producing good quality content on your real estate website, you can build trust, establish yourself as an expert and drive organic traffic.

When it comes to content marketing, it is very important that you know what you are doing and what you want to achieve. Most real estate agents have usual information on their website like how long they’ve been in the business and which listings they have, but in order to make your content marketing campaigns really effective, you need to create unique and superior content.

Here are three types of content you should have on your real estate website:

Textual content

Producing written or textual content on a regular basis is the first step you should take. It will help you rank your website higher in search engine results for your target keywords. Here are some ideas for creating content

  • Feature your former clients and share their experience related to buying and selling homes. What challenges they faced and how they overcame
  • Report important development in the real industry. You can include your own expert opinion on the issue.
  • You should write about services such schools and taxes applicable to buying and selling real estate and communities in your area.
  • Write about places to shop, eat, imbibe, and otherwise have a good time: restaurants, shops, bars, parks, attractions, etc.
  • Provide tips to buyers and sellers
  • Provide answers to most frequently asked questions.

These are some of the most basic ideas that can be used for creating written content for a real estate website.

Video content

This is one of most effective types of content that will engage your audience and boost SEO by reducing ‘bounce rate’ and improving ‘average time spent on your site’. Here are a few ideas for producing video content

  • Property tours have become very popular among home buyers. Video tours give buyers a better sense of the layout, sound, and feel of your properties.
  • You should produce video show off the most attractive features of a neighborhood where the property is located.
  • You can interview local businesses in your area.
  • Video testimonials
  • Interview your customers about their buying and selling experience.

Images and infographics

Images are important for a real estate website because they not only add visual appeal, but also engage your audience.

  • Post beautiful images of properties you represent.
  • Share home staging tips through images.
  • Share neighborhood photos.
  • Slideshows of how-to guides for home buyers and sellers.
  • Images of the latest and most popular events in local communities.
  • Feature your team members.
  • Infographics on home buying and selling tips.
  • Infographics to make complicated real estate data easier to understand.