Tips for Hiring a Real Estate Writer

You are a real estate agent, your job is to help clients sell and buy houses. You need to make sure the house is in good condition, look into any necessary repairs and help the sale go through.

Your job is not to create content for websites and emails.

Why shift the focus from your own job when you can hire a writer to create content for you? The following tips can help you hire a reliable content writer for your real estate business.

Know What You Want: The first step to hiring a content writer is to know what you want. Are you looking for blog posts or articles? Do you need a short blurb or an entire sales page? Maybe you just need someone to take care of your weekly or monthly emails. You should also figure out if you want one or two writers or an entire team to take care of your content. This will help you to move forward in the hiring process.

Require Proper Spelling and Grammar: Your clients are not going to take you seriously if your content is full of typos and grammar mistakes. When you start the hiring process for your content writing, be straight forward about spelling and grammar. Let your applicants know that they must use proper spelling and grammar to consider being hired.

Be Serious About Deadlines: Meeting the deadline is an important part of content writing. If your client does not take this seriously, then this could hurt your business in the long run. Let your writers know that they must be able to meet the deadlines to land or keep the job. Everyone misses a deadline due to personal issues, but if this becomes a habit, let them know their writing privileges could be revoked.

Communication is Important: When your writer takes weeks to respond to an email, or they never respond at all, this could be a bad sign. You need to know that your writer will communicate about the content, changes to the project and deadlines. The communication needs to be a two-way street so that you both can succeed on this project.

Hire for Experience: Ask your potential writer for their writing profile or resume, experience and availability. Find out how much
knowledge they have in the real estate market and whether or not they can research the topic. Do not be afraid to ask for a writing sample so you can see how well they understand spelling, grammar, conducting research and meeting deadlines. Use their experience, skills and qualifications to see if they are a good fit for your project.

You do not want to lose focus on your job, as this could affect your real estate business. When you are ready to hire a content writer, you can always turn to Authority Foundry. Our writers work hard to research and create quality content, allowing you to focus on what you do best.