Tips for Real Estate Agents to get more followers on Twitter

An increasing number of real estate professionals are using social media channels to generate leads. When we talk about social media, twitter is one of the first names that come to the mind. Twitter gets nearly 100 million user logins daily and it is the second largest social media channel following Facebook.

It means you are missing out on opportunities if you are not using this platform for real estate lead generation. On the other hand, it becomes extremely difficult to stand out and make your voice heard on Twitter because so many people and brands are using it.

In order to make your Twitter marketing more effective, you need to have a good number of followers who share your opinion and talk about your brand. Here are 10 tips for you to follow to increase the number of followers on Twitter:

Understand how Twitter is unique from other social media channels

Each social media channel is unique. Most of the strategies that you use to generate leads on Facebook won’t work for Twitter. For example you can run inexpensive ads on Facebook to increase the number of fans on your page, but Twitter ads are very expensive and may not be suitable for small and local businesses.

While you need to have a business page for Facebook marketing, it is recommended that you use your personal profile including image and name on Twitter. People like to follow and do business with other people on Twitter. They don’t trust brands.

Follow the best practices

There are some ground rules that you should always follow.

  • You should use images with your Tweets in order to increase engagement.
  • You have to participate in Twitter discussions about subjects related to your industry and area. You have to reTweet, reply, and exchange information to draw attention of people to your opinion.
  • Your profile should be complete.
  • You should share high quality content only. There are millions of bogus accounts on Twitter, so be useful and interesting before people start ignoring your Tweets. Whether you are curating content from third party websites or sharing your own blog posts, infographics or videos, make sure that it is relevant for your target audience.
  • Use popular hashtags to increase engagement. You can add ‘#’ sign (hashtag) to a popular word or phrase that is being talked about by people on Twitter.

Focus on local events and tag people in your community

Real estate is a local business, so there is no point discussing about things that your audience doesn’t care about.

When using Twitter, you can easily find what people near you are interested in talking about. Just type your city into the Twitter search box and see what events people in your community are Tweeting about.

You should engage with these people by tagging them. In order to tag someone, you simply need to add ‘@’ sign to a person’s Twitter username.

Let’s assume your city council just announced some relief to first time home buyers and people are Tweeting about it and writing blogs and articles on their websites. You can say something like this:

Interesting post @USERNAME. Did you see this: (a link to a relevant article).


You can make your life a lot easier by using some automation tools that will enable you to greet new followers and retweet interesting content automatically. Make sure that your account automation doesn’t violate the Twitter Rules (by Retweeting spam updates, repeatedly posting duplicate links, etc.). If you violate them, your account may be suspended.