Content Marketing: 4 LinkedIn Groups Every Real Estate Agent Should Join

Content marketing is still one of the best ways through which real estate agents are able to:

  • Increase their website traffic
  • Generate highly targeted and prequalified leads and
  • Establish themselves as industry experts thereby building trust and credibility with their target audience and other agents alike.

Even though many agents know that social media is still their key distribution channel; many don’t know the right tactics to use in establishing themselves as industry experts. If you’re like other agents, you’re probably using your LinkedIn account – and probably your other social media profiles as well – to distribute content.

Some of the disadvantages of posting content only on your timeline are:

  • You’re limited to your audience (which is probably limited as well)
  • The chances of them sharing your content to others is low (because they probably didn’t see it; especially if your posting is inconsistent)

Instead, you should reach out to where your potential audiences are hanging out and having discussions that you can contribute to you and which they will find your contributions useful.

These places are no other than LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn Groups provides a place for professionals within the same industry or that share the same interests to share content, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish themselves as industry experts.

The groups listed below are ideal for agents who want to share their content to establish themselves as industry experts.

1. Marketing And Advertising Strategies/Social Media Marketing/Real Estate Investing/

This group aims at increasing knowledge among its group members.

According to their info page: “we want to constantly supplying our group members with new cutting edge marketing and advertising strategies that will help them strengthen their knowledge and succeed in all of their business endeavors. Even though our focus in the past has been real estate investing and marketing, our goal now is to help any and all businesses succeed, to help business owners find a business system that will help them take their business to the next level.”

2. CRE Blogger Network

This group is aimed at CRE professionals so if you’re one and you have a blog or you’re just generally interested in the medium; then the CRE Blogger network is for you.

It is a forum designed to connect you with other CRE bloggers to share insight and best practices to create and maintain an effective online presence.

3. Real Estate Blogs

This group is open to real estate bloggers, real estate agents, or others involved in real estate marketing industry.

It is an avenue to share ideas, brainstorm, share best practices and generally share expertise. By using this platform, you can easily build relationships with other real estate bloggers and open up opportunities for guest blogging partnerships.

4. Social Media Commercial Real Estate

This group is aimed at educating members about the benefits of social media marketing to the real estate industry.

If you’re just starting out in using social media to promote your content, then this group will provide you an avenue to network with other professionals and learn from the best.

This list is by no means the all there is to it; in fact we have just barely scratched the surface. However, if you’re looking for the best groups to join and share your content and participate to build brand awareness and thought leadership; this list is a good starting point.

Have you used any of these groups? Did you find success? Do you know of others that should have made this list? Please share your opinions in the comments section; we’d love to hear from you.