Good Real Estate Blog Topics

As a real estate agent, writing might not come naturally to you, but you know that you have to write to keep your real estate blog active. Keeping your real estate blog active gives you the following benefits:

  • It helps you build trust with your readers who might eventually become your clients.
  • It keeps you top of mind for old prospects; those that have signed up to your mailing list
  • Increases your website back-links which in turn boosts your website traffic which turns into more potential leads (it would help if you had a lead magnets)

But we know keeping your real estate blog active – active means posting at least twice a week; one in-depth authority building article and one short, casual blog post – can be hard, which is why this post is dedicated to giving you blog topic ideas to last you for at least a 6-month period.

​​Answer the potential questions your potential customers might search for in Google:

  • Top 5 questions to ask when looking for potential homes (what questions should i ask when looking for a house?)
  • What is an eco-friendly home?
  • What is a home inspection? Is it necessary?
  • What is a home warranty? Do I really need one?
  • What is a foreclosure?

Develop a go-to resource by writing “How to” Blog Posts

  • How to design the backyard of your dreams
  • How to show your home like a pro with these 10 simple hacks
  • How to increase the value of your home with these 5 home improvements projects
  • How to choose a real estate agent
  • How to deal with moving quotes

Write about the Real Estate Industry and show your industry experience

  • 7 Benefits of hiring a real estate agent
  • The Ultimate Checklist to go through BEFORE hiring a real estate agent (this can also be used as a lead magnet)
  • Pros and Cons of Hiring a Real Estate Agent
  • Your current listing. (Pro tip: make separate blog posts for each listing; it will be easier to share and gives you more content)
  • What keeps a home from selling

Talk about your city; be a local expert

  • Top rated yoga studios in X
  • Top 5 cross fit studio in X
  • Where is the best place to get an ice cream cone?
  • What are the top 3 or 5 things to do on a weekend in [YOUR CITY NAME] ?
  • What is the best best moving company? Provide rates, reviews, etc
  • Write a blog post that lists the best events and festivals that come to your community and particular neighborhoods within your community each year.
  • Write a blog post that shares photos of the best parks, beaches, hiking trails, and other outdoor features within your community.
  • Write a blog post that helps people understand what your community is best known for.

Talk to your city

  • Interview the mayor
  • Interview the owner of a family ran business. Someone who has been in town for 20+ years. Ask why they like living there and doing business there.
  • Interview a high school principal
  • Interview a school teacher and [or] principal
  • Interview the local dentist
  • Interview your auto mechanic. (For someone considering moving into your city, finding a reliable mechanic won’t be an easy task. They will appreciate this.)

Write about yourself; build authority

  • Write a blog post that includes quick and helpful video tips from you.
  • Write a blog post that shares testimonials, photos, and stories from past and current clients.
  • Write a blog post that positions you as an expert in a particular area.

In conclusion, you must aim to provide value with your content. It is when you provide value that you can establish yourself as trustworthy. Do you have any blog topic ideas? Share them in the comment section.