Give Your Real Estate Business a Boost with Blog Ideas that Home Sellers Love


real estate blog ideas

You may find it hard to believe that even professional bloggers hit a blank wall when it comes to coming up with ideas for blog posts on a regular basis. No wonder it must be harder for you because writing may not be your forte. You are a real estate agent, so you’re great at representing property buyers and sellers, but not writing professionally.

However, being not good at blogging should not be your excuse. There are enough studies to prove that if you blog consistently, you will be able to generate leads through your website and social media channels.

If you keep staring at a blank screen every time you sit in front of a computer, you need to know there are many tried-and-tested blog ideas related to every aspect of your business. All you need to do is give these ideas a personal touch and make them unique so that they appeal to your specific audience.

Let’s discuss in this article some guidelines about blog ideas that potential sellers will love:

Make your blog’s headline attention grabbing

While trying to find blog ideas for sellers on the Internet, you will come across many blog posts like ‘how to sell your home’, ‘Things to consider when selling a home for the first time’ or ‘Tips for selling your home fast’.

We are not saying these blog posts are not good, but you can make yours stand out by ensuring headlines are stronger and attention grabbing.

The best headlines catch a reader’s attention quickly by putting emphasis on the value they bring to the table. All sellers want to get the property off their hands quickly, but will writing a blog post with the headline ‘how to sell your home fast’ be good enough? Well, there are two problems with this headline:

  • It’s very generic
  • It won’t grab your audience attention immediately

So what does a good headline look like when you write blog posts for home sellers?

Well, think about it: did you help a homeowner sell his or her home within the first week of putting it on the market? Did you use certain strategies to help your client sell 50% faster than other homes in the same neighborhood?

You can use this information to give a personal tough to your headline.

‘How to sell your home 50% faster’

‘How to sell your home within the first week’

Keep in mind, you need to prove what you are claiming. Explain the strategies you used for selling your client’s home 50 percent faster or within the first week.

Here are some blog post ideas you can play around with –

  • how to hire a listing agent.
  • Staging tips
  • How to increase a home’s value with cosmetic or small renovations and remodeling projects
  • How to sell a home for top dollar
  • How to list a home
  • How to market a home


Real estate is a local business, and your blogs should reflect this. You should repeatedly mention the name of the community or the city you are active in.

A great way to do this is to write blog posts on market trends and provide tips based on data.

For example if home are selling faster in your area due to a recent improvement in housing market or the job sector, you can write a blog post titled:

  • ‘Why NOW is the right time to sell your home in San Francisco’,
  • ‘Here is why homes are selling 2 times faster in San Diego’
  • ‘Here is the reason why you can get 15% more if you sell your Austin home now’
  • ‘5 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Tucson housing market’

Get the latest data from your local realtor association and play around with facts to make blogs more interesting and attention grabbing.

Pricing-based blog posts

The biggest fear of most home sellers is whether they will be able to price their homer right. It’s a great topic you can repeatedly explore.

Using the two tricks explained earlier, you can write blogs on topics such as

  • How to price your home to sell it fast
  • Steps towards determining the perfect price for your home
  • Home pricing mistakes to avoid
  • The complete guide to pricing a home
  • Why not to rely on online calculators

So these were some guidelines you can follow in order to come up with interesting blog post idea next time you get your creative juices flowing.