5 Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

Becoming a successful real estate agent takes passion, consistency, drive and networking. A lot of successful real estate agents have many things in common. Here are 5 of the most common habits these agents have in common:

They are strategic

Successful real estate agents are strategic people but personally and professionally. They have a business plan and they stick to it. They have quarterly goals and they set up objectives to help them achieve these goals. They start each day with a ritual that helps keep them focused throughout the day. It might be running, meditating or yoga.

Pro Tip: Plan your day and your week in advance.

They value their time

Successful real estate agents know that time is money and as a result they are very time-conscious. They focus on what they know how to do best and delegate what they don’t. If your strengths are in closing deals, networking and talking to clients, they don’t invest their time with content marketing or blogging, instead, they <outsource their content marketing needs> to professional <real estate content marketing agencies>.

Pro Tip: Focus on your core expertise and delegate or outsource the rest

They have excellent communication skills

The most successful people in the world are excellent communicators. Communication goes beyond being able to read and write, good communication means being able to empathize with someone, understand their point of view and guide them towards yours in a persuasive manner.

Don’t try to manipulate them, just persuade be genuine with your intentions. Another communication skill most people overlook is listening. Some of the most successful agents are very good listeners.

Pro Tip: Writing is a good way to learn effective communication. Even if you decide to outsource your content marketing; write at least once a month to keep sharp.

They invest in themselves; and their business

If you want to be a successful real estate agent then you have to invest in yourself; daily. It can be as simple as reading an ebook or listening to an audiobook on how to be a better real estate agent or something similar. Spend at least 15 minutes a day on investing in yourself.

Conversely, invest in your real estate business. A good rule of thumb is to invest only when you are sure to get three times the return on your investment.

Pro Tip: By reading this article; you’re already investing in yourself

They know the value of referrals

Successful agents know that one of the most lucrative sources of new leads and ultimately new business for them is word-of-mouth.

Over 70% of real estate agents agree that one of the most inexpensive ways for them to acquire new leads is through their satisfied clients who were pleased with their services enough to recommend them to friends and family.

Treating your clients like royalty (not sucking up) is one of the most effective ways to ensure you get referrals from them.

Pro Tip: By offering value to your clients, they are more inclined to return the favor by recommending you to someone they know who might need an agent.

Success is a combination of habits and choosing the right habits can definitely increase your chances of becoming more successful as a real estate agent.

Did we miss anything? Do you think there are other qualities that can make real estate agents more successful? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share your opinions in the comments section below.