Generating and Nurturing Real Estate Leads With Content Marketing

In the wake of the rapidly expanding digital space, being a leader in the vibrant real estate industry means leveraging the power of all the marketing channels. Recent reports suggest that the top-ranking property markets executive have discovered the impact of content marketing in their everyday travails. It seems the power of content marketing is great, albeit the knowledge about how it is done is largely the major inhibitor.

Much like marketing your property, content marketing is a game of strategy, often called a multi-step tactic that is quite lucrative is done well – Forbes.”

Gone are the days when having a website alone was often likened with attracting clients as nowadays the whole field has been significantly changed. Generating lots of traffic and leads doesn’t necessarily mean that all of it can be turned to business. To better understand how generating and nurturing leads in the real estate sector using content marketing can be done, this snippet will strive to cover that exhaustively.

Three basic strategies can make-or-break your online marketing strategy, especially if you are a real estate agent. They are

  • Traffic Generation
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing In a Deeper Perspective as a Form of Content Marketing

The first two are, of course, easy to start and maintain as they depend mostly on some post-modern tools and practices. However, lead nurturing is a process that takes a while as it often entails becoming closer and closer to the prospective client. You have decided to set up a robust traffic generation campaign, and it is already rolling, meaning that you are generating leads to your property management and sales business.

To keep the traffic closer to you, you need no better strategy than using content marketing. Given the vast topics and information associated with the art of selling houses, content strategy is, with little doubt, the most appropriate technique. In line with that, you will need each of the following routes in your digital marketing campaign.

The Social Media

This is perhaps the most fulfilling one given that it ensures a seamless, uninterrupted interaction between you and your audience. In fact, with the vast number of social media users and having the right information at hand, you can dictate how close you will be with each one of your followers. Some rather interesting data from a study revealed the following just recently.

Up to 73% of homeowners prefer realtors who use video to promote their products. Another one showed that more than 84% of all real estate professionals use the social media with Facebook topping then all. More studies are there for you to see and make the timely decision.


The secret to marketing and possibly content marketing in the real estate business is staying visible while offering new offers every day. The social media serves to solve immediate needs while Blogs keep them on tabs, especially the vast number of readers. Remember, over 90% of the recent house purchases attribute the internet to solving their many queries. Starting and maintaining a blog is a no-brainer if you have the perfect sources of information, and again the best marketing channels.


Content marketing in whatever niche is incomplete without using one of the most reliable ways of digital marketing. Besides being cheaper, you will be connecting with them without interfering with their typical chores. Furthermore, any offers and discounts are better delivered via the email as it is among the swiftest.

The Parting-shot

Now you know why generating and nurturing real estate leads with content marketing is one of the modern-day norms. You don’t need to be moneyed as it only warrants a witty, savvy realtor. Gets your campaign rolling today; after all, results are instant and proportionate to how much you do it.