5 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Be More Aggressive Towards Content Marketing


real estate content marketing

You probably already know that if you want to generate real estate leads, you have to build real relationships in the real world, providing people with great solutions and consultation in-person.

While this fact about real estate business will stay true forever, you simply can’t ignore fact that more and more people are searching for homes online. Sellers are putting emphasis on marketing properties through the Internet. While property transactions are handled in the real world, deals are being made in the virtual one. If you don’t have your real estate brand’s strong presence online, you are going to miss out on an ocean of opportunities.

So how do you market yourself and your business online? Should you put out ads or use other paid marketing methods? Well you can do that, but if you really want to be on the top of online lead generation game in the long run, you will have to focus on content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a method of inbound marketing where you produce content to engage with your prospects. Content can be in any format – blogs, video, podcast, webinars etc. Content marketing goes beyond promoting a brand. It helps you stimulate interest of your prospects in your services.

Five reasons you need to be more aggressive towards content marketing

Now that you know what content marketing is, let’s discuss some huge benefits it offers:

1. It impacts many aspects of your business

If you are using some of the traditional methods of real estate marketing like flyers and listing in business directories, your reach is going to be limited. If you regularly publish content and promote it on various channels including social media and public forums, the visibility of your brand will be on much bigger platform. It will help build your brand’s reputation, drive inbound traffic, engage potential clients, and increase conversion rate. So for a small investment, you get huge returns. It can help you become an influencer in the real estate industry in your area. You may become the go-to person for journalists whenever they need a quote on the latest housing market trends.

2. It makes you part of the World Wide Web

By regularly publishing and promoting content, you ensure your brand’s prominent presence in search engine results. You must have heard of real estate local SEO. Content marketing helps you build inbound links, rank for geo-targeted keywords and drive traffic to your website. This search engine traffic will convert into leads.

3. The scope of promotion

While publishing blogs and other types of text content is a major part of a content marketing campaign, you can go pretty much beyond publishing blog posts. There are dozens of options for mediums and distribution channels nowadays. You can come up with visual content like infographics and video tutorials about your community, home buying and selling process etc.

4. It helps you stay ahead of competition

If you are not using content marketing, it doesn’t mean your competitors also won’t. In order to stay ahead of competition, you need to start content marketing right away. You’ll get a leg up on any competitors straggling behind. The more time you invest in content marketing, the better competitive advantage you’ll have overall, so get in as early as possible to maximize your position.

5. It is a low risk investment

Return on Investment (ROI) for content marketing is so huge that this makes it almost risk-free. All you need to invest your time and money. And you have full control how much you want to spend. You can start with one blog post on your website a week and take it from there.


If you have not started investing in content marketing, jump on the bandwagon NOW. If you are already into it, be more aggressive.