3 Real Estate Content Distribution Channels for Maximum Effects

It is a known fact that many real estate agents spend more time creating content than promoting it. This usually results in little to no return on investment (ROI); thus making these agents frustrated and complains that content marketing cannot prove ROI.

Don’t be like these agents. Stand out from the crowd and be among the pro agents who are generating leads and closing deals through content marketing. As the word connotes, there’s two parts to “content marketing”:

  1. First is the “content” part; the part where you create awesome content that your audience wants to read, and with a call to action to convert them into leads.
  2. The second part is “marketing” the content; promoting it and getting it across to the right audience.

One of the major reasons why many agents fumble the “marketing” of their content is because they don’t know what distribution channels to use effectively to promote their content. This article looks at three (3) of the best.

  1. Social Media

This is by far the best, fastest and simplest way of getting your content across to millions of potential clients across the United States. The problem is; social media is huge. From Facebook to YouTube, there are dozens of high profile social media platforms that you can use to promote your content but the trick is choosing the right ones and what strategies to use.

The most popular social media platforms that you can use are:

Pro Tip: Use groups to target specific niches that your target audiences hang out; this will depend on the type of property you’re selling and in what market.

  1. Guest Blogging

Another way to get maximum exposure for your content (and your blog) is to become a guest contributor – or guest blogger on other websites. Here’s a quick step by step guide:

  • Create a list of websites within your niche or local market that you feel would be a good fit for your content. The list must include contact details.
  • Create a pitch and send to everyone in your list. Your pitch should be a simple email that tells who you are, why you think your content would be a match for that blog’s audience, samples of your content and links to your social profiles.

Pro Tip: Don’t restrict yourself to blogs. Rather, consider the local newspaper, lifestyle magazines, the local chamber of commerce and other platforms that would be interested in real estate related content.

  1. Newsletter

Finally, producing your own newsletter is a great way to distribute your content to your entire network, and depending on your engagement level with them; they will share with their own individual network thereby growing your content’s reach while also demonstrating your status as a real estate influencer.

Pro Tip: Your newsletter doesn’t have to only feature your latest blog posts, it can also be about new deals that you’ve listed or sold, market updates and much more.

What content distribution channels do you use as part of your real estate content marketing strategy? Share with us in the comments.