5 easy ways to find real estate blog post ideas

If you are constantly writing real estate blog posts for your website, you will hit a dead end from time to time. The biggest obstacle you will need to overcome is to find new blog post ideas on a regular basis. What makes this more challenging is the fact that you will have to ensure your readers find your ideas interesting and at the same time, they help you generate real estate leads.

As a disciplined blogger, you probably already know that it’s not an easy feat; however, you don’t need to feel disheartened because there are some easy ways to come up with new real estate blog ideas.

Know what is trending in your industry

You should first find out which type of content people are reading in your industry. You can use tools like BuzzSumo to know which topics are trending on different social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.  You just need to put in keywords related to real estate ‘buying a home’, ‘selling a home’, ‘home inspection’, ‘closing costs’ etc and these tools will give you the titles of most-shared, and liked blog posts in the past week, month, six months or the past one year.

Write down these headlines in your editorial calendar and tweak them slightly. Don’t forget to personalize the content to make them unique and highly targeted for your audience.

You can also look for trending topics by industry on most of these social media channels.

Find out what questions your prospects are asking on forums

Public forums like Quora and Reddit are great places to find blog post ideas. You should find out what types of questions home buyers and sellers are asking on these forums. If someone has asked ‘how to find the perfect home’, it means that many of your prospective clients will have the same question in their mind. You can write a detailed blog post on this topic.

Know what competitors and others in your industry are writing

It doesn’t mean that you need to copy content from other websites. It will only hurt your search engine rankings because search engines, particularly Google, frown on plagiarism. You will get your site penalized if you induldge in copying content from other websites.

What it means is that you can use ideas from other websites to add your own thoughts on the subject. Take the topic and discuss whether you agree or disagree and why. Provide your own references, data and examples to support your thoughts.

Repurpose your old content

You wrote a blog post in the past and probably forgot about it. It happens nine times out of ten. But you can use your most popular blog posts and repurpose them into ebooks and infographics. Keep in mind, blogging is just one aspect of your overall content marketing strategy. Content formats like infographics and ebooks can help you grow your email list faster and get quality backlinks in the long run.

Don’t limit yourself to tips on home buying and selling

Your job is to help people buy and sell properties, but when it comes to blogging you don’t need to limit yourself to these two topics. You can write blog posts for renters struggling to find affordable accommodation. You can also write for homeowners struggling with mortgage payments. DIY tips on remodeling and repairs are also great topics for your blog.


An active blog with fresh content can be a great boost to your real estate business’s bottom line. Use these tactics to generate more ideas for the content you publish on your real estate blog.