Content Marketing

Everybody’s doing it so why aren’t you? This isn’t a case of jumping off a cliff because your friends are, this is using the advancement of technology to further your business.

It’s just common sense… but why?

You’re a real estate agent, but so are a lot of people so what do you do to stay ahead of the competition?

Your social media footprint could not be more important. You should have a LinkedIn account and it should be lead to your social media, website and a blog. You can’t just write blog posts and expect people to find it, you need to actively engage with people on social media to draw them to your blog. You need to actively network on LinkedIn to build relationships.

Now, more than ever, people spend time researching online before doing anything- from buying hair straighteners and microwaves right up to buying property. With so much information at the fingertips of consumers, it’s extremely important for you to be discoverable. In fact, 92% of home buyers researched online before buying their new home. Plus, 76% drove by homes they found on the internet.

Using a blog to create new content and share content is an outstanding way to engage your audience. When creating content, you are showing potential customers just how vast your knowledge is. You are showing them what sets you apart from other real estate agents and companies. Their websites might be saying one thing, but your blog is in perfect harmony with your claims. You can share in depth knowledge that you wouldn’t have been able to get across without using a blog.

Blogs allow you to capture an audience that will follow you, allows you to engage with consumers and other professionals and build long lasting relationships.

Don’t fill it with any old content, though, fill it with quality content for your target audience!

Consider a guest poster- find another blog owner that can post on your blog and vice versa, this will offer you both the chance to reach new clients. Not just any old blog, though. Look for a blog that has a large audience that covers your target crowd, for instance: news sites. Don’t take up an offer to ghost write, because you want to have a link back to your website, or a bio (or both!). Choose a blog that is high quality and will see your reputation boosted by being associated with it.

Don’t be dry- use a friendly tone and show the reader your expertise.

Don’t sell yourself, simply share your knowledge. Do try to make sure your brand message comes through in every blog post you write.

Use it to set yourself apart- answer questions that you have seen frequently asked, talk about local businesses and educate your readers on the city you represent, give updates on the community!

Use it for its intended purpose- to engage, share and spread knowledge.