How-To Guide: Maintaining Your Real Estate Blog

As more and more real estate agents begin to realize the benefits of content marketing to their business; getting and retaining the attention of readers and rising above the clutter of other blogs has become more challenging.

People are better at distinguishing between high quality content and content that offers no value whatsoever. Some real estate blogs are filled with nothing but promotional articles and listings. No wonder they don’t see any results!

This guide aims at highlighting various ways through which you can maintain a healthy blog that constantly delivers high quality content and retain your audience’s attention.


Consistency plays a very vital role in maintaining your blog. Whether or not you’ve had success with your blogging efforts; you have to consistently post.

That means you have to always be writing and creating valuable content that your audience will find interesting and useful at the same time.

Use Keywords

Always make sure you add relevant keywords in your blog posts. Keywords are phrases that people will use to search for information, for example; if you’re local market is in Tampa, Florida, you can write articles such as “cool places to hang out in Tampa”, this is just an idea of writing articles that include keywords and phrases that people could use to search.

Once you do that, Google will index your website better and this will help with your search engine rankings.

Quickly Make Your Point

When writing for the internet, the rule of thumb is to keep it short, sweet and straight to the point. Don’t beat about the bush, if you have something to say, say it.

The attention span of the average person is very short, coupled with a myriad of online resources from other real estate agent; it is very easy for them to click away from your blog article. So, it only makes sense to tell them what you want to say as soon as possible.

Provide Interesting Content

It is easy to attract the attention of your readers with a catchy headline; however, keeping them interested with your content is the real hurdle.

It is easy to stray away from the topic of your blog post when writing; especially when you have a lot you want to share. The headline of your post should be a preview of what to expect in the main body, so try as much as possible to remain on point. Consider using bullet points and subheadings if dealing with multiple subtopics.

Encourage Comments

This is by far one of the best ways to generate engagement. A blog is also a form of social media. So, by encouraging comments, you’re using it to its full potential. Also, by encouraging feedback, you make it easy for people to express their concerns, reach out to for you enquiries etc. Another benefit of encouraging comments or feedback is because when you <run out of blog ideas,> you can use these questions as a source of inspiration for new articles.

Bonus Tip: Promote Your Content As Much As Possible

Most real estate agents are used to creating awesome content and then just post it on their social media pages and forget about it.

You won’t get much traction like that. Instead, promote as often as possible. Consider creating <duplicate content> on LinkedIn. Promote your blog using the “Teaser” strategy by teasing people on social media to click the link to read your blog articles.


Maintaining your real estate blog shouldn’t be hard. Follow this guide and you will realize how easy it is to create good content and keep people more engaged with it. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.