4 things you can learn from the world’s most famous real estate blogs


The world’s most famous real estate blogs on websites like realtor.com, Zillow and Trulia get millions of page views every month. These websites have a solid reputation, and people trust their content, find it useful and follow the tips they find there.

If you are planning to blog on your website, you can learn a lot from these established websites. Let’s discuss some of the best practices these blogs follow:

High quality content

The quality of content is the most important aspect of a blog. If you go through the blog posts on these websites, you will find that they offer the best quality content on any given topic.

How can you make your real estate blog posts high quality? It’s quite simple:

  • Instead of giving generic information, you should include actionable advice. For example, if you are saying your readers should buy in a good neighborhood, you should explain how to find a good neighborhood. Which online resources can your readers use?
  • Make the information you provide in your blog post very specific. Instead of writing on board and vague subjects in your industry, narrow down your focus on very specific topics.
  • Your writing should be free of grammatical and structural errors.
  • You should use different content formats to engage visitors including text, video, ebooks and infographics.

Regular and fresh content

Famous real estate blogs are updated regularly – almost daily – with fresh content. Keep in mind, real estate is a fast moving industry. Advice and information that you provided in the past may no longer be suited for your readers today. So you need to update your blog on a regular basis. We are not saying that you need to produce content day in and day out, but you should make an editorial calendar and stick to the schedule, even if it means posting one blog post per week.

Focus on readers, not on selling services

Almost all famous real estate blogs offer some type of service, but you will find that their focus is always on helping their readers make the right decisions when buying and selling properties. The content on your website should also be geared towards helping others, rather than making money. You will soon realize that you are winning the trust of your readers and as a result, they are approaching you for your services.

Good Design and Easy Navigation

Famous real estate blogs ensure that their readers are engaged and keep coming back whenever they need real estate-specific information. Even if a blog has the best information in the universe – it’s all for nothing if the reader can’t find what they’re looking for. Make sure your readers can easily find whatever information they are looking for. They should be able to navigate through your website via search bars, categorized posts, archives, sort by author etc. Also, the design of your website should not be cluttered and confusing. Ensure your blog is mobile responsive.

So these are some of the best practices famous real estate blogs follow. You also can incorporate these practices in your content to take your real estate blog to the next level.