How long should my blog post be?

As a real estate agent just getting started with blogging, deciding on the length of your blog posts will often be a challenge. This is due to a myriad of suggestions and opinions surrounding the length of your blog posts and how it relates to search engine optimization (SEO).

There are basic two types of blog posts:

  1. Long blog posts
  2. Short blog posts

Long Blog Posts

Blog posts that have more than 800 words will generally be regarded as a long blog post. Outlined are the pros and cons of long blog posts:


  • Improves your search engines rankings; provides flexibility in adding more keywords
  • Gives you the opportunity to treat your subject matter in more detail; establishes you as an expert real estate agent


  • You need to possess strong, creative writing skills in order to keep your readers engaged
  • People have short attention span so there’s the possibility that your blog post will scare a lot of readers away

Short Blog Posts

Short blog posts usually contain between 300 to 400 words. Unlike its counterpart, short blog post usually deal with topics on a surface matter. Listed below are the pros and cons associated with short blog posts:


  • They are quicker to write and edit
  • Online readers have short attention span and easily get bored with lengthy blog posts
  • Short blog posts tend to get shared more, thereby increasing reach and visibility, resulting in more traffic to your blog.


  • They don’t include a lot of information
  • They don’t usually rank high in search engines

Now that you have a good understanding of the two types of blog posts available for you to choose from, and the various advantages and disadvantages associated with each, deciding becomes easier.

Regardless of the type of blog post you decide to choose, remember the following tips:

Focus on quality instead of quantity

The length of an article is not as important as the value it will provide to those who will read it. When stuck between whether to choose either long or short blog post, focus first and foremost on the audience, doing so will usually help you identify which content type will suit your needs most. A college student looking to rent an apartment and a young couple looking to buy a home will both need contrasting types of content. Long form content will be relevant to the latter than to the former and vice versa.

Make sure your blog post ties in with your company goals

Most real estate agents turning to content marketing usually make the mistake of churning out blog post after blog post without any plan or strategy. This will eventually lead to a burn-out and won’t yield any results, except the occasional hit and miss. Instead, we suggest that you tie your blog post into your content marketing strategy that aligns with your overall business goals.

Hire an expert if you get stuck

It is understandable if, sometimes, you get stuck and don’t know what to write about or how to get started with creating a content marketing strategy. Maybe you just want to focus on what you know how to do best: closing deals. Whatever the case, getting professional is always the case. At NetMedia, we help real estate agents like you attract potential customers with high quality content that will keep them engaged and coming back for more. Want to find out more? Contact us today for a free consultation.