Real Estate Blogs Work Best with Consistent and Compelling Content

Real Estate Blogs and the Advantages of Consistent and Compelling Content.

While most real estate agents have held onto traditional online and offline advertising as the best approach to advance their business and build brand awareness – you and I know better.

The advantages of blogging combined with social media marketing and other content marketing techniques have undeniable advantages for real estate marketing.

If your online presence has been insignificant or non-existent, you may need to take another gander at what this highly adaptable medium brings to the table.

Consistent Content

For best results, you’ll want to post and share content on a regular basis. This could be weekly, every few days, or even daily. Your content should be a combination of hyper-local news only you can create, helpful and informative real estate content that your buyers and sellers will rely on, as well as entertaining content that you can share with your clients.

Again, consistency is key. This is important not just for SEO rankings, but also for share of mind. By consistently posting and sharing content you’re showing your clients that you are a full-time and active real estate professional. You don’t want them wondering if you’re still in the business. Show them you’re active and involved in the community by posting on a regular and consistent basis.

Compelling Content

In order to be compelling, your content needs pull the reader in with a message that resonates with them. They need to feel it relates to them and their situation. And it should be actionable.

Now, we know that not all content is going to be compelling. Sometimes content is just for information purposes. In fact, a good blend of real estate content will include some posts that are informational, some that are entertaining and some that are promotional. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to relate to the client. A blog post about how best to interpret a home inspection report is purely informational. But for a client who is wondering what to do about the home inspection report they just received on a house they are buying – that will be content they’ll feel compelled to read.

Compelling content can be short or long, but it is always to the point. And it can be useful, amusing, or moving, but it gives the reader a reason to keep reading or to take action.

The best way to make sure you’re providing compelling content is to provide content consistently (see how it all works together?).  The more content you provide on a regular basis, the better your odds are of making sure your clients have the information available when they need it.

Imagine the reaction your client will have when they search for “Home Inspection Results” for your local neighborhood and YOUR blog is the first search result. They’ll feel they’ve found THE authority on local real estate and not only will they have a continued trust in you – they will want to refer you to their friends.

Real Estate Blogging Works Best When Paired With Social Networks

Your real estate blog is a brilliant first approach to give information about your listings, neighborhood knowledge or services. And if you have a blog where you’re sharing content on a regular basis – congratulations.

However it simply doesn’t pack the same punch as it can when combined up with a Twitter, Google+ or Facebook account.

Plus, today it is extremely easy to make sure all of these sites are tied together so you’re giving one unified online presence.

Online marketing is a toolbox. Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram are your tools. You might be able to get by with just one, but assembling a genuine presence is best accomplished with two, three, or more. In fact, most companies use two or more social media channels to get their message out.

You need to promote yourself wherever your customers are hanging out. This is critical.

Promoting yourself on places like ActiveRain is only going to expose you to other agents. And NOT to buyers and sellers.

Use Blogging and Social Media Marketing To Build Relationships

Online marketing is about building trust. Your presence on places like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn should be developed in a way so you are consistently providing informative, promotional and entertaining content to as many past and potential clients as possible.

By communicating personally to inquiries – and yes, even criticism – you are building relationships, which is the entire point of social media marketing. Two-way communications between you and your clients builds trust with your clients so you become the real estate authority they rely on.

Real estate agents (and other professionals) who connect with their followers on a consistent basis will build a group of steadfast fans who will need then share content to their own networks. Give them content to re-tweet, pin, and share with their friends, and they’ll be happy to do so.

Great online networking allows your potential clients to become better acquainted with you. Twitter and Facebook are amazing options for this because your clients are probably already there.  And since most people use these sites to keep up to date on breaking news, being active on Twitter or Facebook will allow you to share up-to-the-moment news about your neighborhood, listings or business.

Your Real Estate Blog Marketing Strategy Includes Being A Good Community Member Too!

This should go without saying, but I’m going to go ahead and say it. When you’re on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – be sure to keep in mind to be a decent follower yourself.

Saying thanks to your readers, following them back, and sharing quality content that has been posted by others will show that you respect the online community that you’re a part of. It’s also a great way to expand the number of people that follow you.

And lastly, don’t use social media to lash out people who are critical of you. You’re the professional. It is important to remember to act accordingly. Be polite and respectful – always. Before getting into a drawn out battle on social media, just remember you have more to lose than they do.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Creating consistent and compelling content for your online marketing does not need to be confusing or drawn out. All things considered, you have a ton of different options: everything from writing it yourself, outsourcing it or finding content others have already shared. What is important isn’t the option you choose, but that you get started and you make it regular. Consistency is key.

If you struggle with coming up with a consistent content strategy, we’re here to help. We’re affordable, reliable and we’re real estate professionals just like you.