3 Steps to Building Likeability with Real Estate Clients

For real estate agents, building likeability with their potential (or past) clients is essential to the success of their practice. Trust and credibility doesn’t really matter if the client doesn’t like you, which is why it is very important to make sure they do.

Benefits of building likeability with your clients are:

  • You stand a better chance of closing your deal with them.
  • It increases your chances of being recommended to their family and friends.
  • They’re more likely to give you valuable testimonials that will help you generate business.

There are some psychological and behavioural hacks that you can use to endear yourself to potential clients and make yourself more likeable. These tricks can also be used in other areas of your life as well with amazing results.

3 steps to building likeability with your Real Estate Clients:

  • Ask Questions

Asking questions is an effective strategy in getting people to like you because people love to talk about themselves. It is a natural tendency for people to want to talk about themselves – although it is egotistical in some cases.

Asking questions about your client’s family, personal interests and life goals is a wonderful way to get them to know better – and a sure-fire way to get them to like you.

Don’t mistake asking questions with interrogations. The main reason you’re asking questions is to know more about them in order to form a bond with them.

  • Give Genuine Compliments

Another thing that people genuinely love is receiving compliments. People want to feel good and they generally like people who make them feel good.

Give genuine and sincere compliments on things such as their clothing, their car, their achievement, their style etc. It doesn’t matter what it is, give a compliment and mean it.

People can spot fake compliments from a mile away and you will come across as desperate if you stoop so low. If you can’t give genuine compliments; shut up.

  • Practice Active Listening

This is one of most important skills you can ever master as a real estate agent. Active listening is when you repeat part of what your client said in a conversation with them. This demonstrates that you were actively listening to them and cared enough about what they said to have it mind. This instantly builds their trust for you and will set you apart from any other agent they’re in contact with.

The most important thing to keep in mind when using these tricks is to be genuine. If you’re not genuine, it is only a matter of time before they find out and this will greatly hurt your chances of closing your deal with them.

What other ways have worked great for you in building likeability with your clients? Please hare them with us in the comments section.