3 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Generate Leads with Content Marketing

The first question real estate agents ask when they first consider content marketing to grow their practice is; how long until I see a return on my investment(ROI)?

The truth is that real estate content marketing takes time before financial ROI can be recorded. Nevertheless, the one key metric that is important in content marketing is leads. The more leads you can generate, the more you’re likely to convert into customers; thereby achieving your financial ROI.

This article looks at three (3) ways through which you can generate leads through your content marketing efforts.

  1. Identify Your Target Audience

You need to ask yourself who you’re creating content for. Is it for young couples or for seniors looking to retire? Your decision will mostly be defined by what type of property you are selling and the market you’re operating within.

In order to understand your audience, consider creating personas. A persona is an imaginary customer (your ideal customer).

Questions to ask when creating your personas are:

  • What is their name and how old are they?
  • What is their occupation?
  • What are their goals?
  • What are their challenges and pain points?

Pro Tip: Make sure that each piece of content you is targeted directly to the persona you created.

  1. Address Their Pain Points

One of the benefits of creating a persona for your target audience is because it helps you create content that “speaks” directly to your audience on a much deeper level than a general real estate article does. This is crucial if you want to generate quality leads.

When you address the pain point of your target audience, you’re indirectly:

  • Establishing yourself as a go-to resource on the topic.
  • Showing how you can relate with and or help them with their needs.

Pro Tip: By addressing pain points, you will generate leads who are searching for a specific solution. This will result in more closed deals thereby increasing ROI.

  1. Capture Leads

Finally, after you’ve studied your audience and created content that resonates and solves their problems; the next logical step is to capture the information of those interested in your services (either immediately or for later in the future).

Here are lead capture tips you can use:

  • Consider giving out free resources such as eBooks or Whitepapers that offer a deep-dive into the subject matter for example home buying guides for Millennials. You will need a landing page along with a lead capture form in order to collect their contact information in exchange for downloading the free resource.
  • Calls to Action are a must-have on your blog or website – because this is what prompts your audience to act. It tells them to sign up for your monthly newsletter. It tells them to call you for more information. It tells them to download your free resource. CTAs are the triggers that convert a audience into a lead; don’t neglect it.

Pro Tip: Consider having an email submission form that allows your website visitors to easily sign up (or subscribe) for notices when you publish a new blog or staging an open house etc.

The steps outlined in this article works best with great content. Contact us today for your real estate content marketing needs. We’d love to help out.