How-To Guide: Getting your Real Estate Blog Content Shared

Creating a piece of content that gets viewed hundreds of thousands of times by your target audience doesn’t just happen – in fact, it takes 3 things to make that happen:

  • Creating Awesome Content
  • Promoting your awesome content
  • Having your content shared online

No matter how great your content is and no matter much time and money you have spent on promoting it, if nobody is sharing it, it won’t gather enough momentum to go viral.

Here’s a quick look at different ways through which you can get your blog post shared easily.

Use Compelling Images

According to Buffer: “Visual content is 40x more likely to be shared on social networks.”

What this means is that adding images not only makes your blog post look interesting, it also either helps people understanding what your blog post is about or piques their interest enough to want to check it out.

Regardless, images are worth a thousand words; consider adding images to your blog posts.

Use Catchy Headlines

The most challenging part of writing a blog post – and sometimes what delays many real estate agents from publishing their posts according to their content marketing schedule – is the headlines.

A catchy headline does not only motivate people to share your content with their own network, it also encourages people to click through to read your entire article.

The more people click through to read and find your content interesting; the more they’re likely to share your content with their own network.

Use Listicles

Listicles are blog posts that are based on a list. Examples are ”3 Tips for Managing your Real Estate Facebook Page.

Because most online users have very short attention span, it is no wonder that listicles are one of the most shared types of articles. They are simple and straightforward; giving readers the ability to easily scan through and consume the information rapidly.

Add Social Sharing Buttons

Sometimes, the reason why your blog posts don’t get shared is because you either didn’t add a social sharing button to your blog post or you didn’t check the link to make sure it is actually working.

Another common mistake is trying to get followers with call to actions such as follow us on social media. The most useful type of CTA you can use is “Share on Social Media” and by doing that, you will see an incremental increase in your shares.

Use icons for popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Promote Your Content

Don’t limit your content promotion to just your business profiles on social media, try using your personal social media accounts to promote and urge your friends and colleagues to share as well.

The more of your own circle you can influence to share your content, the more likely others will see it and share as well.

Create Awesome Content

Ultimately, people will share content if it is informative, educative, entertaining and provides value. In other words, people share awesome content.

Sharing awesome content makes people feel and look cool. They want to share something that makes their social media friends comment and say “Awesome article, thanks for sharing”

Need help with creating high-quality content that’ll get shared? Contact us today to discuss how we help real estate agents double their leads with awesome content.