YouTube for Real Estate Lead Generation

YouTube is the largest video hosting and sharing platform in the world. Being owned by Google and with millions of website traffic every day, YouTube is still your best bet at generating a massive amount of traffic to your real estate website.

Incorporating YouTube into your content marketing strategy is very advisable for the following reasons:

  • Google owns YouTube. This means that every video posted on YouTube is automatically highly optimized for search engines; even more than other popular social media platforms!
  • Your content has the potential to be seen by millions of people (especially Millennials) from across the United States.
  • You can leverage on the views to drive traffic to your website or generate leads directly by adding calls to actions in your videos.

This article looks at how you can incorporate the benefits associated with YouTube into your real estate business. In order to get the most out of YouTube, you will need to create a YouTube channel. The four (4) steps outlined below will help you establish a successful YouTube channel.

Produce Amazing Content

The type of videos you create will determine the type of people that will visit your channel and how often they will visit. Just like with every other type content, the key to attracting people to watch your videos is to create value.

YouTube production guideline:

  • Create content that is engaging, informative and entertaining.
  • Create both educational videos (that will remain relevant over time) and short, engaging videos that are highly entertaining.
  • Use high definition cameras when shooting your video or consider hiring a videographer.

Use Catchy Titles

Titles highly determine whether someone will click on your video or not. Curious or mysterious looking titles seem to catch people’s attention. Spend as much time as possible to come up with an awesome title in order to increase the rate of people watching your video.

YouTube title writing guideline:

  • Keep your titles short and relevant at 50 characters or less.
  • Add keywords you want to be ranked for in the video title

Customize Your Channel

You won’t be the first agent to decide to use YouTube as part of their content marketing strategy, but you can be the one stand out from the crowd. When creating your YouTube channel, keep in mind that it must be consistent with your branding.

YouTube customization guideline:

  • Optimize your channel bio for SEO
  • Customize your channel’s URL
  • Use the same profile picture and background image you’re using on other social media channels.

Optimize Video Descriptions

Excellent copywriting skills will come in handy when writing descriptions for your videos. Your descriptions, coupled with your video title will determine how many people watch your video. It doesn’t stop there; effectively optimizing your video descriptions will determine how many leads you generate.

YouTube video description’s guideline:

  • Each description should give a brief summary on what the video is about.
  • Optimize for SEO by including keywords focused on what leads will use in searching for information about real estate in your area.
  • Use the video descriptions to add calls to action linking to your social media channels, your website listings page and your blog.

Just like any other social media platform; YouTube needs time and dedication in order for you to enjoy the benefits that comes with it. Content is the foundation for any successful marketing campaign; contact us today for your real estate content marketing needs.

Are you using YouTube for your real estate marketing? Share your experience in the comments.