Converting More Real Estate Leads with Effective Calls to Action

Many real estate agents are beginning to embrace content marketing – and they are putting in time and effort in creating amazing content.

However, they’re frustrated because they’re not getting all the benefits associated with content marketing such as:

  • Increased website traffic
  • More leads and more sales

From our experience with working with many real estate agents on their content marketing strategy, we have noticed that the major reason why they’re not getting their desired result is because they’re not using CTA appropriately.

What is a CTA?

A call-to-action is simply a prompt that urges website visitors (or anybody that comes across any content of yours online) to take a desired action. That action could be anything from sending you a message, subscribing to your newsletter, sharing your social media post or downloading your latest home buying eBook guide.

Are CTAs Important?

Yes! No matter how great and entertaining your content is; if you don’t tell people what to do next, chances is that they will do nothing. Including a CTA into your content is the single most important thing you can do to generate leads through your content.

CTAs not only let you generate leads and collect useful data (by leading leads to a lead capture form), it also helps you determine and measure the effectiveness of your content.

How to Choose CTA

Choosing which CTA to use is largely dependent on the type of content and the goal of that content. Your content should always have a specific and relevant purpose or goal – whether it is to solve a problem, provide information or offer real estate insight.

If your content has a purpose, and you have content strategy that outlines your customer acquisition tactics, choosing the right CTA that will convert readers will come easy to you.

Note: If you’re using a landing page with a form, make sure you clearly explain the benefits of your lead magnet and tie your CTA into that benefit.

Tips on Creating Effective CTAs

There are three (3) basic tips you can utilize to make your CTAs more effective:

  • Use clear, active language when crafting your calls to action. Make sure your words are short and they are direct and straight to the point. If something is free, make sure it is free.
  • Make your CTAs legible and easy to read. Ensure that the buttons you use are big enough and pleasing to the eye. Choose colors that will stand out on your website and place it in an obvious place that can quickly capture your audience’s attention.
  • Keep your CTAs simple and don’t clutter your blog posts with it. To get the best results, limit your CTA to just 3 per blog post and 1 single one on a lead capture landing page.

Note: Keep your lead capture form fields as short as possible and only collect relevant information from your prospects such as their name, email address and phone number. Shorter forms tend to yield higher conversions.

Calls to actions are your best friend in generating and converting leads. It could be in the form of a simple message or a fancy button that will take your prospects to a dedicated landing page. But most importantly, remember that no matter how optimized your CTA is, without good content, no one will read long enough to see it.

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