How-To Guide: Optimizing Real Estate Landing Pages

Real estate agents going into content marketing are going in there for one thing – leads. But in order to get those leads, you must first generate traffic to your landing page. But before anyone will even come to your website, you must have given them a compelling offer, right?

Offers can be free resources such as:

  • Ebooks eg home buying/selling guide
  • Whitepapers eg on the benefits of living in certain neighborhoods
  • Market reports and trends on the real estate industry
  • A video webinar about any (or all) of the above content ideas

A landing page is simply a resource gated web page that holds a lead capture form, which a website visitor interested in the content must fill; thereby becoming a lead. The number of leads captured compared to the number of traffic to the page is called the conversion rate and in order to have a high conversion rate, you must follow this guide’s tactics.


The headline, right under the address bar, is the first thing that visitors will see when they get to your landing page. The second is the supporting headline. Your main headline ought to attract the attention of your website visitor when they land on your landing page, and the persuasive sub-headline should convince them to stay.

Key elements are:

  • Must have catchy, active words
  • Must quickly inform the visitor about what the content is all about and its value
  • Must be short and sweet; preferably 20 words in total (heading and subheading)

Pro Tip: Your subheading must be persuasive.


This is a VERY key component of landing page optimization. Without the offer, the landing page is useless. With a very good offer, even if the landing page is not properly optimized, conversions will still happen.

Offers can be any of the following:

  • Ebooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Market reports and trends on the real estate industry
  • A video webinar about any (or all) of the above content ideas
  • Templates and other Do-It-Yourself resources.

Pro Tip: Your offer must be irresistible.


You must list the benefits of your offer directly under your offer and provide a more detailed description. This section allows you to provide more details to the offer and answer any questions your prospects may have

Key components to include are:

  • Describe what your offer can do for them
  • Include a benefit summary bullet points for easy navigation and then include a detailed benefit and feature descriptions underneath your bullet point list.
  • The features describe what your product or service does while the benefits should describe the problem you are solving.

Pro Tip: Use words that will trigger emotional responses from your website visitors.

Call-to-Action and Lead Capture Form

We put this together for two reasons:

  • Your call-to-action will ask them to download it
  • Your download button can only be clicked after filling the lead capture form

What this simply means is that they work hand in hand. Your call to action should be compelling and persuasive. You can also consider using contrasting colors to urge visitors to download it.

On the other hand, your lead capture form must be short and only ask for relevant details such as:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number (optional but effective)

Pro Tip: Consider sending the resource link to their email address as a means of verification.

Follow this guide and you will be on your way to converting 80% of your landing page traffic to leads – as long as you’re constantly producing good content.

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