5 Words Every Real Estate Agent Must Avoid in Their Listings

Real estate blogging is very difficult for most agents; they base it on the basis that they’re bad writers. But when it comes to listing their properties; they become the Picasso of words!

Exaggerated listings filled with flowery words and inconclusive phrases will damage your reputation for at least two reasons:

  • It’s unethical: The real estate industry is based on trust and misleading people is against that silent code of conduct. You’re expected to be a transparent and responsible agent; let your real estate listings reflect this.
  • We’re in a Global Village: The rate at which things go viral these days is indescribable. If you share a particular misleading listing; people remember this content and you can gain yourself a bad reputation, especially if your listing goes viral on social media.

This article looks at seven (7) of some of the most overused words and phrases agents use in their listings that hurts their conversion rates.

  1. Nestled

This is by far the most popular word real estate agents have used in the entire history of real estate listings. Indeed, its connotation seems right for any property located at the foot of the mountain or on the hillside. However, 90% of the houses described with the word “nestled” isn’t on the Hills.

Instead use words or phrases such as:

  • Settled
  • Sheltered by
  • Surrounded by picturesque hills
  • Located
  • Situated
  1. Throughout

According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, the word “throughout” is defined as:

In or to every part; from the beginning to the end: during the whole time or situation”.

This means that the word “throughout” has been used wrongly in many property listings. Have you ever noticed a property listing that boasts about hardwood floor “throughout”? Most likely it is in just some parts of the house.

Pro Tip: Use the word if and only when that feature or facility is indeed throughout the house.

  1. Rather unique

William Zissner, author of the book, “On writing well”, said: “Being ‘rather unique’ is no more possible than being ‘rather pregnant”.

The property and any of the features that come with it, is either unique or it isnt. If it isnt, don’t embellish it. Doing so won’t help because it will draw attention to the weaker points, rather than emphasizes benefits.

Pro Tip: Avoid this phrase, and come up and instead come up with more meaningful adjectives. This will make your listings much more appealing and convincing.

  1. Oasis

This word should NEVER be used in a listing, ever!

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word “oasis” means:

an area in a desert where there is water and plants; a pleasant place that is surrounded by something unpleasant”.

In the context of your listing, this means that – you’re trying to sell a calm and pleasant home surrounded by something that is busy, noisy and unpleasant.

Pro Tip: Avoid this word and use the words “serene”, “calm” and “pleasant” instead.

  1. A stone’s throw away

In order to convert the audience of your listings, you have to be precise with your descriptions.

It is better to highlight how long it will take (and specify if it’s by walking or driving) to get to the shopping mall(s) and city attractions from where your listing is located.

Pro Tip: You’re more likely to convert your readers with the fact that your listing is a 10-min drive to the city center rather than a stone’s throw away from it.

The end goal of your entire real estate content marketing is to make money. And how do you make money? By selling or helping your clients sell their properties. This makes your property listings one of the most important marketing content you will ever write.

What other words do you think are being overused in property listings? Share them with us in the comments section; we’d love to hear from you!