5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Overcome Writer’s Block

You’ve committed to publishing two blog posts every week as part of your real estate content marketing strategy, and to be fair, you’ve been putting out steady articles – awesome articles – regularly. But here you are, the week almost running out, and still haven’t finished your first draft.

Don’t feel bad. Even the best, most experienced writers and real estate content creators suffer from lack of inspiration when it comes to constantly putting out high quality content.

Here are 7 simple ways through which you can overcome writer’s block:

  1. Write with Purpose

Lack of purpose is one of the most popular productivity killers that ever exist. Unfortunately, writers have allowed it to rob them of valuable time and creativity.

If you sit down to write and don’t have a purpose to guide you; you will most definitely suffer writer’s block.

Pro Tips:

  • Keep a jotter or use Evernote to write down and keep track of ideas
  • Create an editorial calendar with blog topic ideas to give you a foundation to build upon
  • Use outlines when writing in order to keep your thoughts organized
  1. Reduce Distractions

For most writers, quiet environments have been their major secret to constantly publishing awesome content time and time again.

If your office is usually very busy, writing there might not be a good idea. You just have to look for where and when gives you that dose of focus and inspiration.

Pro Tips:

  • Go offline when writing; except during research.
  • Consider writing late at night or in the wee hours of the morning; these times are usually the quietest.
  1. Forget Structure

The traditional writing structure – introduction, body and conclusion – won’t do much for you if you’re stuck. Forget the entire structure and start from where you can; whether it is the last paragraph first or the third paragraph.

Pro Tip:

  • Jump to a place where you’re comfortable —maybe that means creating all of the bullet points for your piece and then going back to the beginning.
  1. Don’t Proofread and Edit

Editing and proofreading while writing is just like shooting yourself in the foot. Why? Because you will be hindering the flow of creativity by writing, editing and proofreading at the same time.

Instead, let everything fly out on the page, not minding any grammatical or typographical errors. Once you’re done with your first draft; go ahead and edit until you’re satisfied.

Pro Tip:

  • Consider leaving editing until another time when you can look over your work with “fresh eyes” and be more critical in the editing process.
  1. Research Further

Another reason why you might be facing a writer’s block is lack of information. Maybe you’ve never helped a client sell a house before but you want to write an article on 10 things every homeseller must know, you will find it difficult to write anything meaningful.

What you can do is to research further on the subject matter, taking into consideration several resources that provide all the information you need to write a detailed article.

Pro Tip:

  • Reach out to other agents with first-hand experience who can give you some pointers on how to write your article better.

Constantly creating content that not only interests your audience but helps you generate leads is crucial to the growth of your business. If you’re stuck with creating content, reach out to us today. Our team of real estate content writers will help you create blog posts that help attract and retain the attention of your target audience.