How-To Guide: Generating Real Estate Leads Through Webinars

One of the reasons why content marketing has grown to be one of the best and most effective way to generate leads is because people respond to content that aims at informing or educating them rather than selling them a product.

Many agents have turned to real estate blogging as part of their content marketing strategy – some even base their entire strategy on blogging – however, blogging isn’t the only form of content that can be used to generate leads.

Another lead generation tactic is hosting webinars. As the name implies, webinars are simply seminars conducted over the internet. Webinars are much more engaging than blogs, and offers you the chance to connect with leads on a much more personal level.

Benefits of using webinars for lead generation:

  • A webinar is a very important tool to use if you want to share your knowledge and expertise with others.
  • Webinars are inexpensive and easy to make.
  • Webinars provide a great way of meeting new clients, building trust and increasing revenue.

Note – Webinars aren’t only used for generating new leads; they can also be used to convert leads into clients.

How to Create Real Estate Webinars

Follow the steps outlined below to get started with setting up your own real estate webinar to generate or convert leads.

  1. Choose your audience

The first step is to identify your ideal lead and list out their demographics. For example:

  • The city (or cities) that you’re targeting
  • The age range and social status of your ideal target audience

Pro Tip: Choosing your ideal audience will help you produce content that will resonate with them.

  1. Choose your topic and title

The next step would be to choose what topic you want to talk about and a working title to go along with it. When choosing your topic and title, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Think about their pain points and come up with a list of questions they commonly ask – FAQ.

Pro Tip: Make your title attention-grabbing by using catchy words that evoke an emotional response.

  1. Prepare your material

After choosing a topic and title to use for your webinar, your next step would be to prepare the material you will use to conduct your webinar. Most webinars are just videos; consider using slide decks to spice up your webinar because decks are a simple way of helping your attendees to follow along.

Another benefit of using slides is that you can send them to attendees after the live presentation and also use it as marketing collateral on websites such as SlideShare

Pro Tip: Keep your webinar short and sweet – not more than 20 minutes in order to maximize registrations.

  1. Choose your platform

Once you’re done with your materials the next step to take is to choose which platform to host your webinar. There are different options to choose from – both free and paid.

If you’re using YouTube as part of your real estate marketing channels, then Google Hangouts On Air is a great. One great benefit of using Google Hangouts for your webinar is because your webinar video will instantly be saved to your YouTube account – saving you time.

Pro Tip: Other options to use are Fuze and ReadyTalk (both have fees).


Promote your webinar through emails, social media groups and Facebook targeted adverts. Consider using your webinar for future lead generation purposes (if it is good enough and your attendees enjoyed it) by putting up a lead capture form.

Have you used webinars to generate leads or turn leads into clients? Share your thoughts in the comments.