How-To Guide: Using Blog Comments for Real Estate Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, you must step and think outside the conventional box. Link-building is a content marketing tactic where you generate inbound links to your website and you link to other authority websites in an effort to increase your search engine optimization (SEO).

Commenting on other people’s blogs is a form of link-building and it is a great way to achieve two things:

  • Establish yourself on that website as an expert in the real estate industry field
  • Generate traffic back to your website

Things to consider when leaving comments

Be careful when leaving comments on other blogs whose audience you will like to target. You don’t want to be considered a spammer by only post links to your blog and listings. When you leave a comment, it should accomplish the following:

  • Offer relevant contribution to the original article. If you agree with the article, but feel there is something that could be added to enhance the message – say so. But if you disagree with the article, and have a clear idea as to why, don’t beat about the bush and just say so – but offer constructive criticism.
  • Inspire the reader(s) of your comments to want to check out who you are by following the link you provided.

Framework to follow when leaving blog comments

In order to leave a successful comment that will help with your content marketing strategy; follow the following framework:

  1. Start off your comment by being polite and compliment the article where you think it’s appropriate (please be genuine).  Explicitly tell the author you have something to add and add if your comment will be positive or negative to their article – remember; polite words always soften constructive criticism.  
  2. The next step is to give your advice, criticism, or insight to the article in the same polite tone you started with.  Ensure that your comment flows well with the original article and that it either enhances the blog article or explores a new avenue that the author didn’t think about. Make sure that you proofread your comments before publishing it, in order to ensure that the tone is appropriate especially if you are posting a negative comment.  
  3. Adding a link is mandatory when posting a comment on most blog platforms. Use that link and your name prominently to link back to your main website. However, if you have an article that you think can expand your comment; it is wise to include the link the comment itself by using the call-to-action “read more at”.
  4. Finally, proofread your comment before posting! Confirm that the information is well written without grammatical or spelling errors. Remember that your name and web address are connected to your comments, so you should treat each and every of your comments as you would a polished blog post – checking spelling, grammar, links added and contact info for errors.

Running a successful commenting campaign is just as important as social media marketing; both will help you promote your content, establish your authority and generate leads. Ensure you’re using the framework outlined in this guide and you’re on your way to generating more real estate leads.

Have you used blog commenting to generate traffic to your website? Share your experience and tips with us in the comments section – we’d love to hear from you.