Four most essential qualities of real estate content

When you start real estate content marketing, it is natural to get overwhelmed because the Internet is flooded with content today. You will be confused as to where you should begin, what topics you should choose and how you could make your content stand out.

All these confusions will clear if you understand just this one thing about content marketing:  your content should ‘Inform, Educate, Entertain, Inspire’ your audience. Ideally your content should accomplish at least one, and preferably more of these things for the reader.

Inform your audience

When people buy or sell real estate, they actively seek information that can help them make the right choices.

  • You can report the latest news on property market trends in your area. Average-days-on-the-market for homes, average increase or decrease in home prices, and median home prices are some of the topics that your audience will find highly informative.
  • You can reproduce research reports released by big market analysis agencies such as Fitch.
  • You can write informative content about your city, community and neighborhoods.

Educate your audience

Most people buying and selling properties are overwhelmed and confused due to the complexities involved in a real estate transaction. You can make the process really easy for your audience if you produce content that educate them and clear these confusions.

  • ‘How-to-guides’ are very popular in real estate industry. You should start producing guides on buying and selling properties and investing in real estate. Make these guides easy to understand. They should be detailed, explaining common pitfalls.
  • You can create training and teaching materials designed to educate property buyers and sellers.
  • You can answer most frequently asked questions (FAQs).
  • You can create a dictionary of real estate jargons for property buyers and sellers.
  • Infographics

Entertain your audience

Don’t bore your audience with just informative and educative content. You should also produce content that entertains them.

  • ’10 most expensive homes (in your city)’, ’10 ridiculously low priced property listings (in your city)’, and ‘5 oldest buildings of (your city) that are up for sale’ are the type of content that your audience will find highly entertaining. These types of content tend to go viral, driving traffic and leads to your website.
  • Quizzes, jokes, surveys, funny images and videos and games are also popular content formats that get spread virally.

Inspire your audience

Most people want to buy properties, but it’s very difficult to take the plunge due to the risks involved in real estate investment. You can produce content that motivates your target audience.

  • Tell stories of people who surmounted home buying and selling challenges.
  • Tell stories of distressed sellers who managed to get out of difficult financial situations and avoided foreclosure.
  • You should also write content from a strong perspective, providing a definitive approach or opinion on a particular topic; often designed to make people strongly agree or disagree with the sentiment expressed. Do you disagree with the general opinion about the condition of your local real estate market? Express your own opinion on the issue vehemently. This type of content is sometimes controversial, but helps you establish as an expert.

In conclusion

Every time you create a piece of content, it should fall into any of these four categories. Make sure your content is unique and easy-to-grasp. If you follow the ‘inform, educate, entertain and inspire’ rule, your audience will definitely real, enjoy, like and share your content.