6 reasons why your real estate content is missing the mark, and how to fix it

More and more real estate professionals are launching content marketing campaigns to generate leads these days. They produce fresh content on a consistent basis, but many of them get frustrated when they see no results from their efforts. They give up, without even knowing why their content marketing campaigns didn’t produce desired results.

If your real estate content is not generating leads, it is most likely missing the mark. Here are some ways you can improve your content to ensure you are investing your time and money wisely:

Fill information gaps

The biggest reason most content marketing campaigns fail is because they don’t add any value. Information is freely available on the Internet today, but it is in such a huge quantity that most home buyers and sellers feel lost and confused. When choosing topics, you should first identify particular pain points and write content keeping them in mind.

Try to come up with comprehensive information on a particular subject. You should identify information gaps and fill them through your content. After reading your blogs or infographics, your audience should feel more informed.

Don’t provide conflicting advice

Buying and selling properties is already a very stressful process, your content should not add to the confusion. If there is more than one piece of content on the same subject on your site, you shouldn’t provide conflicting information.

There is no doubt about the fact the same piece of advice about buying and selling properties may not be applicable in different circumstances. If this is the case, you should explain how your advice may not be applicable under individual circumstances. Instead of writing generic content, you should focus on providing information that is specific and applicable in a particular situation.

Be professional

You don’t need to possess the skills of a professional writer, but you should at least avoid common content writing mistakes that can harm your real estate brand’s reputation. There shouldn’t be any spelling and grammatical errors. Instead of using jargons, you should ensure your content has a conversational tone. You should use sub-headings to break down long content into information-packed segments so that your readers can skim through it quickly.

Include call-to-action

By including call-to-action, you ensure that your readers convert into clients. All content needs to provide your potential customers with a reason to click and share your content, or sign up for more information. You should create landing pages where you can offer free ebooks or offers in exchange for email addresses. You can then launch highly targeted drip email campaigns to make your content marketing more effective and result-oriented.

Focus on quality

You should ensure that your content is high quality. Instead of writing 10 blog posts or creating 10 infographics on the same topic, you should come up with comprehensive guides so that your audience can find all the information at one place.

Search engine optimization

Following the best SEO practices will ensure that you and your real estate brand is visible in search engine results. While writing a blog post or creating a video or inforgraphic, you should make sure that it will help you get found by your target audience when they make searches online.


If you feel your content marketing strategy isn’t proving effective, it may be time to analyze why you are not getting results. Follow these guidelines and determine what your real estate content is lacking.