4 Ways to Expand Your Real Estate Content Marketing beyond Social Media

Social media is still by far one of the best ways of marketing your content to your ideal target audience. This is due to advanced targeting options and user behaviors available to real estate agents when boosting their posts.

However, there are other ways through which you can easily market your content while also establishing yourself as an expert in the real estate industry.

  1. Forums

Forums are an excellent way for you to demonstrate thought leadership and expertise while also using your content as reference for further reading to interested people.

Forums such as AgentsOnline and RealEstateForum.com are useful if you want to contribute to ongoing discussions and answer questions relating to the real estate industry. By adding links to relevant blog posts and also using anchor texts to send traffic to your website; you will increase your website traffic.

Participating in real estate forums will help you get noticed by other agents and if you always lend a helping hand by providing useful information, they will begin to refer business to you that pertains to your local market.

  1. Home Design Websites

People want to live in a beautiful home which is why home design websites such as HomeDesigning and Curbed.com have a large number of website traffic and engagement.

By getting your most beautiful home(s) featured on websites such as these, you will invariably be getting traffic but also, you will be portraying yourself as an agent who appreciates beauty and aesthetics.

This is important because people want to deal with a real estate agent who understands aesthetics and who will show them beautiful homes that they would be proud to own. Remember; you’re not just selling a home, you’re selling a lifestyle.

  1. Quora

Quora is a question and answer website with millions of users. If you’re knowledgeable about your local market, about the real estate industry as a whole or about a niche in the industry; share your expertise on Quora.

Just like when using forums, make sure you link back to your website for further reading. But, unlike in forums, in order to truly stand out in Quora and establish yourself as an agent who knows their onions, you have to provide in-depth answers to questions and supplement it with links to your articles for further reading.

Make sure you’re linking to articles that are relevant.

  1. Luxury websites

This is largely dependent on whether or not you work in the real estate luxury market.

However, if you do, then you may be surprised that the best kind of luxury websites to target for content placement and link building are luxury travel sites and celebrity homes sites.

Build relationship with writers and editors in order to become a guest writer for websites such as like luxury section of Travel and LeisureCelebrityHouses.org and HookedOnHouses. 


  • Don’t neglect your website. Make sure you’re constantly adding new content to your website on a regular basis.
  • When using these platforms for your content marketing, don’t forget the 80/20 rule; 80 percent informative content from you and other sources and 20% promotional content about your new listings etc.
  • Make sure you have relevant Call-to-Actions (CTA) on the blog post you’re promoting that will motivate visitors to give you their email address.
  • Please, and please; provide valuable content to your audience. Informational content such as design and landscaping tips, real estate news, financial happenings in the real estate market, and other information that your potential clients would like to know can go a long way with how your brand is being perceived – both by your potential customers and other real estate agents.

In conclusion, don’t limit your content marketing to just social media, diversify your marketing efforts to maximize the reach of your content and ultimately, drive traffic and generate leads; after all, that is the end goal of every content marketing campaign.

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