Quick Tips for Managing Your Real Estate Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms on earth. It has billions of users worldwide; and millions in the United States.

And with recent technological advancements in the mobile industry; the accessibility of Facebook to more and more people is becoming a reality with every single day that passes by.

But what does this all mean for real estate agents?

Real Estate agents have understood the importance of Facebook, both as a stand-alone social media marketing platform and also as part of an overarching content distribution strategy.

We’ve covered the benefits of using Facebook for real estate lead generation in another <blog post>, so this article is about a few tips and tricks on how to manage your real estate Facebook page.

  • Facebook ads are great. Run a highly targeted ad, using Facebook’s Power Editor, focused on website conversions. Add a strong call-to-action (for example a free e-book) on the ad that leads directly to your lead capture form on your website.
  • Run another highly targeted ad, still using Facebook’s Power Editor, but this time, focused on page “likes.” Unlike inviting your friends and colleagues who may not be interested in your services to like your page, running a page like ad will definitely bring in quality likes that can be converted to leads.
  • Nothing beats relevant content. Awesome content is even more important when you’re running paid ads because more and more people will be exposed to your page. Post significant, relevant, valuable content on your Facebook business page AT LEAST three times each day.
  • Do not overly promote your listings and testimonials. What you should promote are your blog posts with strong teaser lines to encourage clicks. Occasionally include your listings and testimonials but remember the 80/20 rule of marketing.
  • In content marketing, there is something we call vanity metrics such as: page likes, page shares and irrelevant comments such as “cool, great and beautiful”. Don’t focus on vanity metrics, ever again. Instead, focus on actionable metrics such as how many people clicked through on your post to your website, how many of those clicks converted into subscribers, how many downloaded your e-book, etc. Those are metrics worth measuring as they directly impact your business growth.
  • Even though posts with images have a higher engagement level than only text based posts; don’t be robotic about it. Mix up your posts. Try inforgraphics, try videos, try images (as a matter of fact; try different types of images). Mix it up and see what resonates with your audience more.
  • Regardless of what social media platform you use, your content marketing goal should be at the forefront. Generating high quality leads is the goal. Everything you do on Facebook should be geared towards getting email addresses of prospects so you can add them your email marketing nurturing campaign.

Hope these tips and tricks will help you take your real estate Facebook marketing to the next level. If you need help with a content strategy that provides return on investment (ROI), contact us today.