How-To Guide: Real Estate Lead Generation with Twitter

Twitter can be a good lead generation tool to drive traffic to your website. But it is highly advisable that you only start using Twitter when you’re comfortable with your blog and you have time to dedicate to social media marketing.

One of the things to consider when using Twitter for lead generation is your target audience.

  • Do you know who you’re selling to?
  • Do they use Twitter?
  • Do you know of hashtags to reach them?

Once you’re comfortable with the answers you’ve gotten; then you can dive into the basics of Twitter for lead generation.

The Basics of Twitter Lead Generation

Twitter Profile

Your goal is to create a profile that exudes confidence and trustworthiness. Some of the ways to this are:

  • Have a great profile picture
  • Add a clear, compelling description of who you are and describe what services you provide.
  • Use one of your listings as your background image with a call-to-action (CTA) to contact you.

Marketing Strategy

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform and like most content marketing channels, the key to engagement and lead generation is to provide valuable content to your target audience.

The key to being successful on Twitter is by sharing the right information – whether it’s your own advice or other people’s content. However, you should never use Twitter exclusively for self promotion.

Types of Tweets to keep your audience engaged:

  • Local News and Events

Twitter is designed for real time news. Unlike other social media platforms where people might get away for posting once a week, if you want to get any relevance with Twitter; constant tweeting is needed.

Establish local authority by sharing latest news within your local market area such as openings of new stores, festivals, what’s happening at schools, etc. Anything that happens in your coverage area can be tweeted out and shared as soon as you learn about it. Remember to use relevant hashtags and be consistent.

  • Real Estate Expertise

Since real estate is your primary area of expertise, why don’t you play to your strengths by teaching your Twitter followers about the latest real estate trends and local real estate news that might interest them? Share advice on buying, selling, staging, loan pre-qualification or anything else would be useful to a potential client.

Chances are you already have a blog post covering these topics; why don’t you share it with your audience?

  • Answer Real Estate Questions

Set aside a few hours per week to search for questions people might be asking on Twitter such as “Does anyone know an agent in X location?” etc. Although people might have answered, if you provide your answer and you provide links to a resource such as “best places to hang out/dine in X location” chances are you will get a high click through rate.

Also consider using hashtags with your answers so people can still see your answer in the future if they search for that hashtag.

  • Tweet @Others

By using @mentions, you can easily reach out to people and stay in touch with your current or past clients. You can congratulate new clients on their new home, you can also wish the past clients a happy anniversary of moving to their house, you can thank a local business for providing excellent service and introduce people to each other who can benefit from a connection.

By doing this, you show others that you have a caring personality and people trust you and so can they. This social proof will make others trust you more.

  • Promote your Listings

By applying the 80/20 rule of marketing – 80 percent informational content and 20 percent promotional content – you’re more likely to effectively generate leads that will go to your website.

You can also run a paid ad to promote your top performing posts to get more people to view it.

Key Take-Away

Twitter is an incredible platform that allows you to establish a solid online presence and generate quality leads at the same time. The secret sauce is to provide valuable resources and information. Good content is what drives traffic and engagement.

Your Turn

Tell us in the comments which of these strategies have worked for you and what would you add to?

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