The Ultimate Guide to Developing a Real Estate Marketing Plan

When most agents make the plunge to start marketing their listings, they tend to rely overly on using marketing plan templates that are usually, for the most part, not well suited for their particular niche or business. And this is usually because marketing plans can only come as a result of having a marketing strategy. … Read more

A Real Estate Agent’s Definitive Guide to Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

The success or failure of your digital marketing efforts relies heavily on your ability to create a compelling strategy that not only helps you to focus your marketing efforts on attaining your marketing goals but also helps you build a sustainable business along the way. Digital marketing is simply the process of advertising any product … Read more

Tips for Real Estate Agents to get more followers on Twitter

An increasing number of real estate professionals are using social media channels to generate leads. When we talk about social media, twitter is one of the first names that come to the mind. Twitter gets nearly 100 million user logins daily and it is the second largest social media channel following Facebook. It means you … Read more

Why should I start a blog for my real estate business?

People come to a real estate agent’s website for a verity of reasons including property search. In most cases, they leave after going through the information they were looking for and never come back. If you want to engage with these prospects and turn them into leads, you should start blogging right away.  Blogging is … Read more

6 ways real estate content marketing is different from traditional marketing

If you are investing in marketing to promote your real estate brand, you must be aiming for maximum return on your investment. Real estate agents can increase brand awareness in many different ways. Two of the most popular options are traditional marketing and content marketing. While traditional marketing has been the favorite method of launching … Read more

7 steps to getting followers on your Facebook page

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