5 Real Estate Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid


There is no need to elaborate how important it is to blog consistently on your website if you want to generate real estate leads online.  Blogging is a great inbound marketing tool for many real estate professionals today. It has established them as an expert and a go-to person.

That being said, it is also true that many real estate agents fail miserably at blogging. They blog for a couple of months and when they don’t see any results, they get frustrated and give up. But why do they fail? Actually, they make some very common real estate blogging mistakes that you should avoid if you are just starting out.

Mistake#1: Not blogging consistently

Blogging is a long-term game. If you are influenced by the idea of viral marketing and focusing on only this aspect of blogging, you may end up being disappointed.  Even if a couple of your blog posts go viral getting you thousands of visitors, it’s a short-term success. To enjoy a long-term success, you have to blog consistently.

How frequently you should blog depends on how much time you can spare. But once you decide that you will blog once a week, you should never procrastinate and stick to the schedule. You should create an editorial calendar and list all the blog post idea you can come up and assign deadlines to each one of them.

Mistake#2: Not thinking about SEO and marketing

Real estate local SEO is something you should care about if you want your prospects to find you on the Internet. Familiarize yourself with the basics of keyword research and how to use them in your blog posts. If you are using WordPress as your CMS, you can find good SEO plugins to add ‘title tags’ and ‘meta tags’ to your content.

Mistake#3: Your writing is too shallow and impersonal

You probably already know that there is enough information on every aspect of home buying and home selling on the Internet today. How would you make your blog posts stand out? It’s a challenge that you have to surmount.

In order to make your content unique, you should personalize it by including your unique experience and knowledge. Try to write in first person.  Write like you talk. Don’t use jargon.

When you meet home buyers and sellers, try to write down every question they have and turn them into blog post ideas.

Mistake#4: You don’t back up your claims with data

People trust data. If you are making a claim in your blog, try to back it up with relevant studies and data. As a real estate professional, you should frequently write about the latest housing market trends. You can conduct studies of your own on the latest trends and write blog posts based on the outcomes of these studies.

So instead of saying “it seems homes are selling faster these days”, you should use data related to your local real estate market to make a definitive statement.

Mistake#5: You don’t market your blog posts

Writing is just a tiny part of blogging. You should market your blog posts on all social media sites, and forums where your prospects hang out. You should build an email list so that when you write a new blog post, you can send it to your regular readers. Ask them to share it on social media.


One of the most important habits you can develop when it comes to blogging is to be patient. You should blog consistently and avoid the common mistakes mentioned in this blog post in order to make your content marketing successful.