4 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Real Estate Agents Are Making

For real estate agents looking to grow their professional presence and showcase their expertise; social media has proven to be an excellent tool.

Some of the benefits of social media marketing for real estate agents are:

  • Social media is a key distribution channel for your content such as blog articles, images and videos.
  • Social media is a platform to reach millions of potential clients with your content through paid advertising thereby acquiring quality leads.
  • Social media also helps you build relationships with potential clients and answer questions they might have.

Even though social media has all this awesome benefits that you can benefit from as an agent; there are several mistakes that you can unconsciously make (like many other agents) that can hinder your success. This article lists out seven (7) of the most common ones.

  1. Using social media as a one-way channel

One of the benefits of social media to marketing is the ability to create conversations and build relationships. This is because the very nature of social media is to be social.

However, many real estate agents neglect this rule and turn their social media pages into a one-way channel where they post and never ask for (or sometimes even acknowledge) feedback.

Pro Tip: Be social; like and comment on people’s posts. Answer questions promptly and ask your audience to participate to keep the conversation going.

  1. Being inconsistent

Even when you’re posting everyday; due to the vast amount of information being generated on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, it is very easy to have your post lost in the wilderness.

No matter how awesome and informative your content is; if you’re inconsistent with your posting schedule, the chances of anyone noticing – or even paying attention – to your content will diminish significantly.

Pro Tip: Set aside some dedicated time to check in with your social media accounts. Create a social media calendar and schedule your posts to go throughout the day.

  1. Spreading yourself too thin

There are so many social media platforms out there that it will be very foolish to try and establish yourself as a real estate expert on every one of them.

It isn’t that it’s impossible; it’s just hard – unless you have a dedicated social media team. But if you’re like most real estate agents we’ve worked with, then you don’t.

Pro Tip: Focus on a few social media platforms that have the reach and user base that will help you with content marketing and lead generation.

  1. Ignoring the 80/20 rule

What is the 80/20 rule? In marketing, the 80/20 rule simply means that when creating and distributing content; make sure that only 20 percent of your entire content is about your product or services while the 80 percent should focus on useful and valuable information that your audience will care about.

Many agents neglect this rule and fill up their social media timeline with content about their listings, houses for sale or how cool they are. Don’t be like that.

Pro Tip: Social media is a place to show off your expertise and build thought leadership through quality content; so commit to making awesome content.

Did we miss out any social media marketing mistakes that real estate agents make? Please share them with us in the comments.