What should my real estate blog be about?

Most real estate agents jump into blogging without a content marketing plan or strategy and as a result, they end up being frustrated because they don’t see any return on investment. But since you’re reading this, we are sure you won’t end up like that.

So, the big question: what should my real estate blog be about? Ideally, your real estate blog should be tied into your content marketing strategy which in turn should be tied into your business goals and objectives. In other words; before deciding what your real estate blog should be about, you need to:

  • Define your business goals and how you want content marketing to help achieve it
  • Develop your content marketing plan and the strategies that will be utilized
  • Develop your content marketing editorial calendar that will guide your posting frequency

Once you have identified what it is you expect to achieve with your content marketing efforts and you have developed a strategy and plan to guide you towards achieving it, you can focus on what your blog should be about.

If you still find yourself struggling to decide what your real estate blog should be about, consider following this 3-step guide to help you make your decision.

Define your Target Audience

The core principal behind any content marketing plan is knowing who you’re providing content for. Without knowing who you are writing for, you will end up writing for everybody and nobody. You won’t be able to build authority for your website or help your website rank higher in search engines. Defining your target audience is easy; ask yourself what type of real estate agent are you?

  • A residential agent or
  • A commercial agent

Note that residential agents create content for home buyers, sellers and renters of apartments while commercial agents do the same, they must also educate and inform their B2B (business to business) audiences.

Research relevant keywords

You need to research the keywords your potential customers might be using to search for questions which you can answer. Knowing exactly what people are searching for can help you craft content that will be more meaningful to them but also help your search engine rankings. Follow these quick steps:

  • Start with a keyword list of searches for your geography and then focus on long tail keywords i.e variations of the keywords that are more specific e.g “5 best Tuscon neighborhoods for families”
  • Use Google keyword search tool to search for your selected keywords
  • Note down your results, as much as possible because the more you have the more content you can create which will ultimately improve your SEO

Create Content Tailored to your research

Once you have curated the keywords, it is now time to start creating relevant content using them. Craft content around your results and make sure that: your titles are catchy, your content solves a problem and you offer tips and advice to your readers. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Write about tips and expert advice on buying a new home; and institutions that offer the best mortgage.
  • Write about your success stories; this is great for building trust and also a good source of referrals.
  • Write about your local community and become a specialist; potential home buyers or sellers will be more comfortable reaching out to a specialist.

In conclusion, deciding what your real estate blog should be about doesn’t have to be hard. Follow this short guide and you will see how easy it is create a blog that will bring in high-quality leads. If you still feel you need expert help or advice or you feel like content marketing is hard and would like to outsource it; feel free to contact us today.