How-To Guide: Making Your Content Live Longer

With the torrent of information bombarding us every day; it is hard to make your content stand out to your prospective audience – no matter how awesome that content is.

As a matter of fact, one of the greatest challenges that most real estate agents face is getting enough traction on each of their content. For content marketing to work, i.e for it to generate the kind results you desire, you have to make sure the content builds enough momentum over a long time.

This How-To guide will show you practical ways through which you can make your content last longer and reel in enough real estate leads.

Create Evergreen Content

A quick look at the contents on the first page result of any Google search will indicate that search engines place a higher preference on long blog posts.

The average length of each of these blog posts varies between 1,000 to 2,500 words. Here is why:

  • It gives you room to insert more of your keywords which naturally helps Google index your content better
  • It will always show up in the first page of Google because in-depth articles usually deal more on a subject matter than shorter blog posts.
  • You can easily add links to other blog posts naturally

For more information about the ideal length of blog post and the advantages and disadvantages associated with both, <read this article.>

Promote Your Content Multiple Times

Regardless of your content marketing goals – engagement, traffic, leads etc – if nobody sees your content, then you won’t achieve these goals.

Getting people to “see” your posts, regularly, takes serious promotion because the average attention span of online users is less than 3 minutes and with a myriad of posts cluttering their feed and email; standing out is posing a serious problem for many real estate agents.

Here are a few tips to get your posts in front of the right people as much as possible:

  • Post multiple times on all your social media platforms. Even when your blog post is months old, don’t stop promoting it on social media. Get as many people to see it as possible.
  • Pay to get your post in front of your target audience. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all offer paid options to get your posts in front of thousands of interested people.
  • Send links to your email subscribers; send to those who didn’t open your email again.

Repurpose Your Content

This tactic is very effective. Repurposing your content is a very good way to make your content last longer because it is another opportunity to get people to consume your information.

There are many ways to repurpose your content such as:

  • Turn your content into a SlideShare presentation and use the embedded code on your blog.
  • Turn your content into an Inforgraphic and use it on image sharing platforms such as Instagram
  • Combine multiple and related blog post into an e-Book. Conversely, you can take an e-Book of yours and break into multiple blog posts and share everywhere.

Repurposing your content – especially the evergreen ones – is an opportunity for more traffic to be introduced to your real estate practice.

Even though more traffic generates more leads, remember that good content is the most important resource needed.

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