Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents: 5 Benefits of Using Linkedin

Linkedin boasts of nearly 400 million members worldwide, and with two new professionals joining every day, LinkedIn is one of the largest and fastest-growing professional social media platform in the world. Its members are professional, affluent and well-read; some of the ideal criteria that real estate agents look for in clients.

If you are contemplating whether or not to include Linkedin into your content marketing strategy; this article outlines the benefits and provides tips on how to maximise the benefit to your own advantage.

Generate New Leads

Linkedin can help you generate more leads for your real estate business. You can meet clients who want to buy or sell houses, investors who want to invest in real estate and needs an agent who knows the market well etc.

Real Estate tips for Generating Leads on Linkedin

  • Build showcase pages that shows your recent listings
  • Build groups around your local market or niche that provides value to members
  • Add videos of recent listings
  • Add professional pictures that will make those who see it reach out to you

Build Authority

This is by far one of the best platforms you can use to brand yourself as a professional and an authority in the real estate industry. Linkedin can help you stand out from other real estate agents.

Real Estate tips for Building Authority on Linkedin

  • Join Linkedin groups that are full of potential customers rather than competitors
  • Build a linkedin group
  • Blog regularly using linkedin pulse but link back to your main website

Connect with Professionals in your Industry

As a real estate agent, your connections are a very good source of new business. Linkedin gives you the opportunity to easily connect with like-minded professionals within and outside your industry.

Real Estate tips for connecting with professionals within your industry on Linkedin

  • Join groups
  • Connect with locals
  • Connect influencers in your industry

Build Trust Easily

Three out of four people have used LinkedIn to research a real estate agent and even Google lists LinkedIn as a trusted source in its search results. So, if potential clients search for real estate agents in X area, your profile will come up.

Real Estate tips for building trust on Linkedin

  • Add valuable content such as in-depth articles, images and videos to help you build credibility
  • Linkedin endorsements are a form of social proof that motivates people to want to do business with you; use it to your advantage
  • Optimize your Linkedin Profile by adding relevant keywords such as “real estate agent” because listings will boost your Google ranking and will often appear within the top results because of its trusted site status with Google

Repeat Business through Referrals

Although it is very rare to sell a house directly on Linkedin, what you can do on other hand, is to build relationships that will keep you top of mind of your connections so when they know someone wants to move or invest in a luxury real estate, they can refer you.

Real Estate tips for getting Referrals through Linkedin

  • Use Sponsored updates to reach more people; the more people that see your posts the more people they will share it with
  • Ask for referrals and endorsements.
  • Make fun, animated videos that highlight the services you provide and showcase testimonials from happy home buyers that can be easily shared by your connections

Linkedin can be a very important part of your content marketing strategy. By following the tips we outlined above; you can quickly generate new leads and position yourself as trustworthy agent.Did we miss anything? Please let us know in the comments section.