How-To Guide: Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents

Over the past decade, the real estate industry has increasingly become more competitive than ever before. Thanks to the internet and the increasing number of smartphone users across the United States (and indeed across the world), the real estate industry has been given a level playing ground for all the players – big or small. … Read more

Top 3 Tips on Ending a Writer’s Block

It is a nightmare for any writer to experience a ‘writer’s block’. Being a writer, you learn to make yourself heard through your words. Writing is the only way for you to express yourself be it any emotion or situation. A writer’s block freezes your ability to do so and you end up feeling uncomfortable. At times, things start to jumble up in your head and as soon as you’re about to write it down, you’re blank. There are different types of writer’s block and whatever the reason might be, it’s a pause to your creative abilities. Here are some tips to help you knock off that writer’s block:

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Content Marketing Soft Skills Needed by Real Estate Agents

I have found there are some “soft skills” that can really help your content marketing plan move the needle for your organization. While finding the right content development team is paramount — and every organization needs something a bit different — here are some of the traits I suggest looking for: An understanding of the … Read more

Content Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

The process of content marketing entails selecting and delivering useful information to customers to establish credibility. Surprisingly, this and other content marketing practices can also be applied to the work of a real estate agent.  Content marketing is a multi-step process, whereby businesses select and publish useful information that helps their customers and prospects make … Read more

The Basics: 17 Must Learn Terms For Social Media Beginners

If you’ve ever traveled the world or been a toddler, you already know how frustrating it can be to not speak the language. Seemingly simple tasks become more difficult without knowing the necessary words to properly express yourself. The same is true with social media and online marketing. Keeping up with the lingo is as … Read more

Stat Sheet: Small Business & Social Media

Sometimes social media can feel like a roll of the dice. Maybe you’ve registered your business online and are crossing your fingers that customers find you. Maybe you’re hoping that you’ll get rich quick if you just sign up for Facebook, Twitter, or whatever’s the hottest social-media site of the…

Actionable Real Estate Content

ac·tion·a·ble  (ˈak-sh(ə-)nə-bəl)  adj.  Relating to or being information that allows a decision to be made or action to be taken. So, you’ve just written up that great post on the new development in your neighborhood – or whatever it is you talk about on your website.  Good for you, that is what the Internet is all about.   … Read more