What is Agent Media Plan All About?

We were founded by a real estate agent with over 20 years in the business. We’re a team of content creators who only do one thing: create compelling strong content for real estate agents.

Our goal is to provide you with content that will help build your brand, drive traffic to your site and convert more leads into sales.

We think real estate agents should do what they do best (list and sell homes) and we should do what we do best (create compelling content).

How does it work?

It’s simple, you subscribe to one of our plans and we deliver 5 or more articles to your inbox every week. We’ll also throw in one infographic per month to share on your site and across social media platforms. And every month we’ll give you a suggested content management and social media plan that you can customize.

What kinds of content are you talking about?

We create compelling content for your audience (buyers and sellers). The content we write is for them and will help them answer questions and solve their issues.

We believe your media should do three things. First, it should inform your audience with educational content. Second, it should entertain your audience with interesting stories. Last, it should promote your services with a call to action.

We provide content that is both about timeless issues (selling your home, first time homebuyers, etc.) and relevant to the current times (short-sales, current trends in real estate). Our real estate content features industry-specific news, how-to’s, statistics and analysis, tips, emerging topics and trends.

As vociferous consumers of content ourselves we read exhaustively from the leading real estate sites: Trulia, Zillow, Realtor, Inman, ActiveRain, etc. as well as regional newspapers from the major metropolitan regions around the country. You can be sure our inspiration for your content is going to be fresh and relevant to what your audience wants.

Where can I use this content?

Anywhere you want. While some of our members deliver the content via their blogs, other members choose to deliver it across their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn).  And still some of our members use the content in their newsletters or email campaigns. You can do any of these, all of these or mix-and-match – the choice is yours.

Do other agents outsource their content?

We don’t know for sure, but we’re betting a majority of them do. We do know that a majority of businesses outsource their content creation. These businesses have found that good content is part of a winning strategy and is well worth the investment.

Our recommendation here at Agent Media Plan is that you run your real estate practice like a business. Focus on what you do best, and let others do what they do best.

Why do I need a content or even a blog in the first place?

Time and time again, content marketing has proven to be a better marketing investment than traditional advertising and marketing. And leads generated through content marketing are far more likely to convert than leads from traditional methods.

In fact, blogging is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to build a brand, enhance your reputation and form new relationships. And with a blog, you own the content and the domain. It belongs to you – not Facebook or Twitter.

When you promote that blog across different social media platforms, you build an online presence that gives you a digital sphere of influence well beyond what you can accomplish with traditional methods.

Effective use of social media is vital to generating leads and developing loyal customers.

Can’t I just write my own content?

You can. And even with our plans, we recommend you should. But your focus should be on periodic hyper-local content that only you can write about. You should focus on topics like the new real estate development down the street or short-sale statistics in your neighborhood.

We can provide the other content. The keyword rich, fresh, frequent and compelling content that search engines love. This content will bring traffic to your site so you can capture and convert that traffic into leads.

Letting us focus on this other content means you no longer have to worry about having writer’s block or worrying that your blog is becoming stale. We’ll be delivering fresh, relevant and compelling content for you each and every week.

Are images included?

Other than the infographics we provide – no.

Getting the unconditional rights to use and re-publish images on the Internet is a complex ordeal, so we don’t include them in the content that we provide. However, when you first sign-up we do provide a quick-start guide that includes how to find and use images in your media plan.

Can I claim to be the author of any of this content?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to do that. All of our content is “white label” by design. We’re not interested in the spotlight – that should be focused on you and the services you provide.

In fact, on all of our infographics we leave a blank space specifically for you to put your name and information.

What more can you tell me specifically about the content I will get?

All of our content goes through our own custom workflow that includes in-depth research, a draft and revision process, final editing followed by packaging and delivery.

We want our content to be useful to you and your audience so our content is structured in the following way for you to do with what you want:

  • Multiple headlines to choose from
  • Scannable headings for readability
  • Authoritative links to more information (to help build link authority for SEO purposes)
  • Keyword rich content
  • Calls to Action

How long do I have to commit for? 

You can cancel any of our plans at any time. We understand things change. Our service is a month-to-month plan and you can decide to end things at any time with no penalty.

I’m excited, how do I get started?

Click here.